Youth Ministry

In a world that seems to revere the simple, shallow, and empty, our Youth Ministry exists to help

real people have real faith in a real world

We embrace a healthy expression of faith that isn't limited to easy answers and emoticons.


Youth Calendar

Sunday Morning at FCC

For our young people, this is a time of intense bible study, ranging from controversial topics to reflection on the sermon for that day. There are no easy answers or prescribed belief systems here. You will be taught how to think for yourself and form your own belief system.


It is also a time of sharing your life with other people your age to reflect on each other’s faith journeys. You will pick up tools from people your own age as well as your elders in the faith. And if you are lucky, you might get breakfast.


Sunday Evening at FCC

SOLID is the primary program of the youth ministry at First Christian Church.


Throughout the school year, Jr. High and High School students meet from 5:00 to 7:00 every Sunday night for food, fun, and culturally relevant learning opportunities.


Cluster Groups, Retreats, & Camps

Youth also meet each week for Cluster Groups (age and gender specific). In addition, we have many exciting activities and trips throughout the year, as well as many spiritual retreats, camps, and mission trips.